Non-Combatant Killed by Taliban Intelligence in Faryab

According to sources in Faryab province, a non-combatant was shot by Qari Zobair, the Taliban intelligence director in the Khaibar district. The incident occurred on May 15, in Tagin, a newly established district in Faryab.

The victim, identified as Shokrullah, was fatally shot near his home at night. His relatives claim that the shooting was in retaliation for a verbal altercation between Shokrullah’s brother, Zakir Pahlawan, and a tribal elder in the Khaibar district the day before. The tribal elder reportedly paid a large sum of money to Qari Zobair and demanded punishment for Shokrullah and his brother.

The Taliban have confirmed the shooting of Shokrullah in Faryab, but attributed it to the actions of unidentified armed individuals. This incident is one of eight non-combatant killings in Faryab province in the past 30 days, all carried out by unidentified individuals. The Taliban have not apprehended any of the perpetrators.

This disturbing trend of non-combatant killings raises concerns about the safety and security of civilians in Faryab province. It is imperative that the Taliban take action to prevent such incidents and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.