Non -Talib Forces Hibernating

Several years after the fall of the Taliban‘s initial rule, their return seemed improbable due to the subsequent new developments. Initially, the highly oppressive regime that meddled in almost every aspect of people‘s private lives and strictly punished them had been replaced by a modern government whose purpose was to maintain contact with the world, pass laws, and create an acceptable powersharing system. The natural rhythm of life returned and people were invigorated by the freedom from the restraints of the previous regime, with everyone pursuing their dreams and minding their own business.

Secondly, not only did totalitarian regimes collapse, but people were truly liberated, as warlords and other influential figures became preoccupied with power struggles primarily centered in Kabul, leaving the people in peace. These figures no longer extorted ordinary citizens, as the resources in Kabul were plentiful, and they had to focus on obtaining projects in order to accumulate wealth. This provided the people with an opportunity to develop and grow.

The third point is that the financial and psychological support of the international community, led by the United States and the United Nations, gave the people of Afghanistan the belief that they had come to their aid and would continue to support them until the country was able to defend itself against hostile and intrusive neighbors, end hunger, and eradicate terrorism. This aid and support made a significant difference in people‘s lives at first, when the mafia was still in its infancy and had not yet monopolized everything. At that time, the memories of the Taliban era were a source of anguish, and the return of the group with the same agenda was not something even the Taliban’s supporters could have imagined.

Political parties and civil organizations felt a sense of relaxation and accomplishment, and their foresight diminished. Believing that the dynamics had changed and the international community would support them indefinitely, they were taken by surprise. A feeling ofdemocratic elation had engulfed the supporters of freedom and democracy, and those who should have used that opportunity to build a new Afghanistan, unfortunately squandered their time, resources and energy on trivial matters, believing that the superpower would remain for a long time. Now that the tide has shifted and the barbarians have returned to interfere in people‘s lives, tax them heavily and torture everyone, those civil organizations and political forces also lack the energy or credibility to take any real action. Although it is difficult, we must first admit our mistakes, honestly assess and identify the causes of our errors. Then, if we are truly committed to the goal of defeating this misogynistic, oppressive and antilife regime, our thinking must focus on finding the correct course of action in accordance with the current dynamics and avoid those unpopular figures who wasted our precious time and resources.