Obama and Putin Under One Roof!

A couple in the city of Nili, Center of Daikuni province, in a rare incident, have named their twin sons Vladimir Putin and Barack Hussein Obama, and have obtained electronic ID Cards for them with these names.

Ghulam Ali Paiman, the boys’ father, said in an interview with 8 Subh that when he found out that his wife had given birth to twins, he wondered what to name them. According to Mr. Paiman, as a result of discussions and consultations with his wife, they agreed to name their babies Barack Hussein Obama and Vladimir Putin.

Paiman says one of the reasons he and his wife gave their sons these names was their particular interest in the politics of former U.S. President Barack Obama and the still-powerful Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“As for me, I like Mr. Obama’s politics very much, while my wife likes Mr. Putin’s actions and politics more. That is why we reached an agreement and gave the names of the leaders of the two superpowers of the West and the East to our sons.”

He adds that after his sons’ birth at the hospital, they registered the babies’ names as Barack Hussein Obama and Vladimir Putin in their birth certificates. “The midwives laughed and said, ‘Why do you make cards for your sons with foreign names?’ I replied that we liked it that way. It does not matter.”

According to the father of Barack Hussein and Vladimir, their other goal is to do their part to bridge the gap between religions in the world and to create acceptance among followers of different religions and denominations.

Mr. Paiman says that he will work to provide the necessary education for his sons so that one day, as Putin and Obama, they can take Afghanistan out of its current situation and make it stronger.

According to the parents of the twin boys, Putin has already shown great talent in learning English, playing chess, and at the computer. Obama, on the other hand, is more into exercise, which for his father shows a greater interest in sports. The ID Cards of these four-year-old twin brothers were issued on September 16 this year.

Three years ago, a man in Daikundi named his son Donald Trump and registered for an ID card with the same name. This issue was very controversial on social media at that time, but Trump’s father told the media that he decided to name his son after Donald Trump after reading his books on the secret to success and getting rich.