OHPM Reconstructs 30 Health Centers in Helmand

The Organization for Health Promotion and Management (OHPM) has reconstructed 33 health centers in Helmand province that were destroyed by the Taliban.

According to Rafiullah Sadaat, Logistics and Procurement Manager at OHPM, this organization plans to reconstruct 78 destroyed health centers in this province.

The organization has already completed the reconstruction of 33 centers and the rest 29 centers are under reconstruction.

Mr. Sadaat has further stated that they would reconstruct all the destroyed health centers in Helmand province.

Helmand is one of the provinces of Afghanistan, which was the main battleground between Taliban and government forces during the last two decades.

During the course of the last 20 years, the Taliban damaged and destroyed all public and private infrastructures. Health, education, and transportation infrastructure were the most valuable and primary targets of the Taliban.