Power Outages Begin for Delinquent Customers

Kabul – Herat Electricity Authority (HEA) announces the start of the power outage process of extortionist customers who haven’t paid their electricity bills so far.

The process started on Monday, and it would continue in the future as well, as reported by the media office of Herat Electricity Authority with 8am Daily.

Also, the authority announced the identification of many extortionist customers who used electricity without calculating the meter.

This number of customers were stealing electricity, and their electricity consumption was connected directly to the house from the electricity network without calculating the meter, Herat Electricity Authority says.

The meters of extortionist customers were removed in the presence of the CEO and Deputy Chief Operation of the company, and their meters would not be connected unless they pay their electricity bills.

Mulla Mohammad Meraj, the provincial director of Herat Electricity Authority, has called on all customers of the company, in particular, the borrowers to pay their electricity bills as soon as possible.

In addition, he has warned that the offenders, extortionist borrowers, and electricity thieves will be seriously dealt with in accordance with the law.

Over the last few years, many extortionist customers have owed millions of Afghanistan from Herat Electricity Authority, and they are not paying their debts forcibly.