Promoting Culture by Celebrating Nawroz

Culture is the accumulation of social experience of humans over a long period of time, which reflects their complex value systems, beliefs, norms, and codes of conduct. The more enriched the culture, the more it encourages traits that are unique to humans and encourages detachment from animalistic instincts. Every human is born into a particular culture, which will guide them through their life. As a social-historical phenomenon, culture is subject to review and change to fit the needs of the society. A progressive society should review and replace outdated cultural values with newer, more compatible ones; however, this is not always the case, as some cultural values tend to remain for longer, making life difficult for people.

Nowruz is part of the oldest cultural traditions of our civilization, extending across a vast region from the Indian subcontinent to Central Asia, the Caucasus, and the Balkans. This region was once the cultural territory of the Persian language. Nowruz marks the first day of the solar calendar year, symbolizing a fresh start, fertility, and prosperity, which coincides with the arrival of spring. The Nowruz holidays provide an opportunity for people to reflect on the rejuvenation of the earth, connect with nature, appreciate the ecosystem, and review their past year‘s deeds and plan for the year ahead.

Nawroz is celebrated with symbolic rituals that have been developed over the years and carry many meanings, one of which is related to the people themselves, allowing them to renew their thoughts and lift their spirits. Despite numerous political, social, cultural, and religious changes, Nowruz has managed to remain an important part of the lives of the people in our region. Therefore, celebrating Nowruz is not only a way to respect the concept behind it, but also to protect and reinforce the thousands-year-old civilization that has provided meaning for the people of this region.

In our country, only those with bigoted and anticultural views oppose Nowruz and its celebration. These groups lack an understanding of culture, the origins of civilization, and the role these phenomena play in human life. Their mission is to combat culture, civilization, and civility, and, and wisdom of the past, and are dedicated to celebrating Nawroz even more grandly. To do otherwise would only embolden them to further erode our culture.