Public Uprising Leader in Ghor Killed in an Armed Attack

Bamiyan – Ahmad Khan, a former member of the House of Elders (National Assembly of Afghanistan), was killed in an armed attack in the Dawlat Yar district of Ghor province on Thursday (October 14).

Some civil activists and a former member of parliament have confirmed his death. Ahmad Khan previously led public uprising forces in Ghor.

No further details are available on the attack.

Ahmad Khan led public uprising forces against the Taliban.

Roqia Nayel, a former MP, wrote on her Facebook page that Ahmad Khan was an influential figure who spent most of his life educating Ghor children.

Ahmad Khan served two terms as a member of the Provincial Council of Ghor and another four-year as the province’s representative to the Afghan House of Elders.

Before the recent upheaval, he led public uprising forces in Dawlat Yar district with some representatives and individuals of Ghor.