Ready to Commit Suicide, Says Taliban’s Information and Culture Department Head in Ghor

The Taliban-appointed head of the information and culture department for Ghor province has said that the people of this province are ready to commit suicide. He expressed these words among Ghor residents who gathered to protest the Quran burning in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Demonstrations over the Quran burning were held by the Taliban in Ghor’s capital city after the Friday prayer on January 27.

Residents reported that Abdul Hai Zaeem, the head of the Taliban-run information and culture department in Ghor, said among the protesters: “The people of Ghor are ready to commit suicide in face of the infidels.”

Sources added that Taliban officials and commanders in Ghor gave speeches among the crowd.

Meanwhile, Mawlawi Abdul Qadir Akasha, the Taliban police’s counter-narcotics director in Ghor, demanded the surrender of those individuals to the Taliban, who burnt pages of the Quran.

Akasha had warned that if the two citizens of Sweden and the Netherlands do not surrender, these two countries will be threatened by Muslims.

The Taliban forced people to participate in demonstrations in a number of provinces yesterday. The Taliban-owned Bakhtar News Agency reported that millions of people across the country participated in these protests.