Resumption of Polio Vaccination in Afghanistan

Kabul – World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the process of door-to-door Polio vaccination will start in November in Afghanistan.

On Sunday, October 17, a statement was published by the WHO says that it will resume its vaccination process across Afghanistan on November 8.

In the process, all children including 3.3 million kids who had been deprived of vaccination in the rural areas of Afghanistan over the past, will receive Polio vaccination.

The representative of WHO in Afghanistan, Luo Dapeng, called the reprocess of vaccination positive in the statement, adding that stable access of children for ending polio is necessary, and it must be a priority.

Currently, one intense case of Polio has been recorded this year in Afghanistan, and the country has an extraordinary opportunity to eradicate it, WHO said.

The organization stressed that vaccination is currently essential in order to prevent any significant exacerbation of Polio inside Afghanistan and other countries.

In addition, six to fifty-nine months babies will get the complete dose of vitamin A in the future process.

“To eradicate Polio completely, all children must be vaccinated in each family across Afghanistan, and we intend to do it with our partners,” UNICEF representative in Afghanistan Herve Ludovic De Lys emphasized.

It is worth mentioning that the Polio vaccination had been stopped due to the war and recent political changes in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Taliban did not let children be vaccinated door-to-door because they have been saying that the Polio vaccinators were the spies of the former government’s intelligence.

So far, the acting government of the Taliban hasn’t said anything about the start of the process, and how to implement it.