Reviewing Political Movements in Afghanistan

It has been 100 years since the first political movement (the constitutional movement) was formed. Since then, many other movements have been formed by various political parties, ranging from leftist to nationalist to radical, with varying claims such as social justice, ethnic superiority, modernization, and striving for the reestablishment of an Islamic caliphate. Although not all political movements in Afghanistan have been internally driven, external factors have always been a major reality. Political movements, at least at the national and domestic levels, have been one of the main drivers of these developments. Given the huge influence these movements have had on the lives of generations, it is necessary to review their records

It is essential to examine the records of political movements in order to understand political culture. These records should be respected, but it is also important to look at them critically in order to help the movements develop and improve. Criticism should not be biased or judgemental, but should be fair and balanced. It is not necessary to list the strengths and merits of a movement, as these will already have been advertised by the movement itself. The purpose of a review is to bring out any negative aspects of the movement for further discussion, even though some supporters may not appreciate this.

No single political or social trend is inherently evil; they all have both positive and negative aspects. However, followers of these trends often only see the good and are unable to recognize the reality due to emotional connections, identity ties, and personal interests. Critical review is necessary to expose the darker and overlooked aspects of a phenomenon and reveal the truth.

For the review to be effective, it must use scientific methods, meaning that any judgement should be based on facts and figures. The language used should also be scientific, avoiding offensive words and negative emotions. The best and most honest review may come from supporters of the cause, as they have access to more information, but external scientific review should not be replaced. The current situation is largely the result of the performance of political movements and organizations, and reviewing their records is necessary to move towards a better future.