Saleh: Test of Equipment for Repelling Taliban Sniper Attacks Successful

8 Subh, Kabul: Amrullah Saleh, the First Vice President declared that a test of equipment for repelling Taliban sniper attacks was successful.

On Saturday, October 31, Saleh wrote on his Facebook page that all of the security forces have been equipped with this equipment.

The First Vice President added that the office of the National Security Council explained how to use this device through a video conference.

Amrullah Saleh announced on October 28 that equipment for repelling sniper attacks and Taliban “Bezbak” weapons have been introduced at all security checkpoints. According to Saleh, the Taliban had recently started using a number of “Bezbak” weapons to bring “death and destruction” upon many security forces.

Furthermore, the first vice president in charge of security in Kabul said that from now on, he would start focusing on structural issues. According to him, in the past 48 hours, there had been three incidents of assassination, intimidation, coercion, and robbery in Kabul. The first vice president says that these events should have been zero. Even so, Saleh, said that people were satisfied with the current situation.