Shocking Tragedy: Young Man Killed by Armed Robbers in Paktika Province

Local sources in Paktika have reported a tragic incident in which a young man became a victim of armed robbers, resulting in the theft of his car.

Sources revealed on Tuesday, September 19, that this unfortunate incident occurred unexpectedly yesterday during the victim’s journey through the Urgun and Saroza districts within the province. The young man met a gruesome end, succumbing to knife wounds.

According to these sources, the victim hailed from Urgun district in Paktika.

It has been reported that following the murder, the assailants fled the scene, making off with the victim’s car.

As of now, the Taliban have not issued any statements regarding this incident.

This incident follows another tragic event on September 2nd of this year when a 15-year-old boy met a similar fate in the vicinity of the Saroza district within the province.