Spate of Violence Continues: Two More Lives Lost in Faryab Province

Local sources in Faryab province say that two people have been killed in two separate incidents in this province.

Local sources said on Wednesday, April 26, that a 46-year-old man named Mohammad Alam was killed on Tuesday night, April 25, in the vicinity of the Tatarkhana pass in the second district of Maimana city by unidentified gunmen.

The motive for the killing is unclear.

In another incident, a person named Ekramuddin, a resident of the Qozi Bay village in the Dawlatabad district of Faryab, was killed by a person named Gulbodin.

According to sources, the victim was mistakenly killed by a hunting rifle.

The Taliban have confirmed the arrest of Gulbodin.

This comes as two men were also killed in two separate incidents in Faryab province last week.

The increase in criminal incidents has caused concern among the residents of Faryab.