Supreme Court of the Taliban Orders Stoning of a Man and a Woman in Bamiyan Province

According to credible local sources in Bamiyan province, the Supreme Court of the Taliban has sentenced a man and a woman to be stoned to death on charges of having an extramarital relationship in this province.

On Friday, May 5, sources reported to Hahst-e Subh that a married man and woman were accused of engaging in an extramarital relationship and the Taliban court has sentenced them to be stoned to death.

One source stated that the Supreme Court of the Taliban has directed the case to the appellate court in Bamiyan to carry out the sentence.

According to sources, the Taliban appellate court in Bamiyan has not yet executed the sentence due to logistical or legal complications.

The identities of the accused have not been disclosed.

Local Taliban officials in Bamiyan have not commented on the matter so far.

Meanwhile, Abdulmalik Haqqani, deputy of the Supreme Court of the Taliban, said in a video that the group’s courts have issued sentences for 175 people for qisas, 37 for stoning, four for amputation, 103 for hudud, and 1,562 others for various crimes over the past year.

It is worth noting that since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, the group’s commanders and fighters have been accused of sexually assaulting women and girls.