Taliban Administer Lashes and Prison Sentences to Nine Individuals, Including a Woman, in Zabul Province

The Taliban court in Zabul province has imposed punitive measures on nine individuals, including a woman, for various charges, as per a press release issued on Sunday, September 17th.

According to the Taliban court in Zabul, these individuals have been sentenced for a range of offenses, including theft, extramarital relationships, and “illegitimate marriages.”

As outlined in the press release, these nine individuals have received 20 to 39 lashes each and have been sentenced to imprisonment for a period of five to six years.

The exact number of individuals subjected to lashings and imprisonment has not been specified.

The press release noted the presence of senior Taliban officials from Zabul during the execution of these sentences.

Since the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan, this group has implemented punishments such as flogging and retribution against suspects in various regions of the country.

Global human rights organizations have consistently expressed concerns about this situation.