Taliban Are Committed to Prevent Afghanistan From Becoming US Enemy Hideout, Says Ned Price

Ned Price, spokesperson for the US State Department, restated that the Taliban have commitments to preventing Afghanistan from being used as a base for US adversaries. He was responding to a question about the possibility of the presence of the new al-Qaeda leader in Afghanistan and concerns about the Taliban’s interior minister, who has a $10 million FBI bounty on his head.

In a news briefing, the US State Department’s spokesperson, Ned Price, stated that the Taliban has made commitments, privately and publicly, to prevent Afghanistan from being used as a safe haven for those who might plot against the US. Price emphasized that the US is ready to take action on its own if the Taliban fails to fulfill its commitments. “We are prepared, willing and able to take action ourselves if the Taliban is unable or unwilling to fulfill the commitments that it has made,” he said.

The US government continues to closely monitor the situation in Afghanistan, particularly in light of the potential for a new leader of al-Qaeda to emerge in the region.

Ned Price, the spokesperson for the US State Department, has accused Iran of sheltering al-Qaeda leaders and conducting activities that destabilize not only the Middle East, but also other regions. He reiterated this claim, indicating that Iran provides safe havens to al-Qaeda leaders.

Iran, when it comes to his [new al-Qaeda leader Adel] presence there, offering safe haven to al-Qaeda, is just another example of Iran’s wide-ranging support for terrorism, US State Department spokesperson said.