Taliban Arrest Two Civilians in Jawzjan Province

According to local sources in Jawzjan, Taliban have arrested two civilians in this province and transferred them to an unknown location.

On Saturday, a reliable local source in Jawzjan said that the two individuals were detained by a person named Mohammad Yousuf, who introduced himself as the Taliban intelligence chief in Faryab.

The source stated that the two civilians were arrested in the village of Ghoras in the Shiberghan district of Jawzjan Province.

The source also mentioned that Mohammad Yousuf is a resident of Garzewan district in Faryab Province and is the cousin of Mullah Osman, the Taliban judge in this district.

It is still unknown how Mohammad Yousuf traveled from Faryab to Jowzjan and why he arrested the individuals in question.

According to the source, Mohammad Yousuf and his brother Sayed Qasim, who introduced himself as Secretary Abdul Salam Hanafi, the deputy head of Taliban’s supreme council, are also accused of extortion and harassment of residents in the Garzewan district of Faryab Province.

Taliban have not yet commented on the arrest of these two civilians in Jowzjan.

Previously, Taliban fighters and local officials in different provinces have been accused of extortion and abuse of power.