Taliban Bans Girls Secondary Schools in Samangan

Local sources in Samangan province have reported that the Taliban have ordered private schools in this province to close girls’ classes above the sixth grade.

The Department of Education in the province has issued official letters to the address of private schools and has ordered them not to allow female students upper the sixth grade, local sources told Hasht-e Subh.

Female students at private schools say that they are disappointed about their future after hearing this decision.

There are some private schools in Samangan province where students study from the first grade to the twelfth grade.

In the very first days of entering Kabul, the Taliban closed all the education doors to boys and girls. The group, in response to pressure from the public and the international community, reopened boys’ schools and had promised to reopen the doors to girls in the spring of the year 2022, but the group’s decision changed and stepped back off its promise in the very last minute. It is now nearly a year that the education doors are closed to girls and the Taliban does not seem to surrender to any pressure and step off their irrational decision on girls’ education.

It is not only access to education that has been restricted for women. Since the terror group has gained power, the women have been paying the price of regime change with deprivation of their several rights such as access to education, access to public health, and access to civil services.

Women are not allowed to travel out of the country and the drivers within in the cities and routes in the country are not allowed to transport women more than a certain KM of distance.

Certain restrictions have been imposed on the public appearance and clothing of women. Women are not allowed to wear clothes of their own choice. They need to cover up from top to bottom, wearing a certain dress code approved by the Taliban’s Virtue Promotion Ministry.