Taliban Bans Listening to Music at Kabul University Dormitory

In a statement issued on Sunday, June 26, 2022, the Taliban authorities at the dormitory of Kabul University have banned listening to music.

The Taliban have ordered all the students that music is forbidden, adding that the students are not allowed to listen to music neither in the dormitory rooms nor in the dining hall.

The new order also prohibits wearing short-sleeved clothing, playing games, smoking, going on the dormitory’s roof, and using fruit trees at Kabul University.

The Taliban members at Kabul University have warned that students will be dealt with severely if these orders are violated.

In the meantime, most students at Kabul University dormitory have raised concerns and consider the new order as turning the university into a prison.

Kabul University and its dormitory administration have recently imposed severe restrictions on students. In another order, all third- and fourth-year students were expelled from the dormitory to make rooms available for the new students.