Taliban Behead a Man in Front of His Family on Jawzjan Highway

Local sources in Jawzjan province report that the Taliban beheaded a Quranic scholar in front of his family members’ eyes.

An anonymous local source told that the Quranic scholar was named Abdul Wadood, and Taliban separated his head from his body on Friday, in the village of Qarqin on the Jowzjan-Sar-i-Pul highway.

According to the source, Abdul Wadood was beheaded by Taliban while he was attending a family gathering. Taliban paid no attention to the cries of his wife and child during the beheading and afterward hung his body.

Abdul Wadood was the son of Saifi, a former commander of Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. He had recently returned to Qarqin village from Iran, trusting the Taliban’s general amnesty.

Taliban have not yet commented on this matter in Jawzjan.

It should be noted that despite declaring a general amnesty, Taliban have continued to carry out vigilante justice against former government soldiers in Jawzjan.