Taliban Dismiss Four Staff Members of the Afghan Consulate in Istanbul

A letter from the Taliban’s Foreign Ministry has been issued, announcing the termination of four Afghan consulate employees in Istanbul, Turkey.

The four employees were instructed to be dismissed by Amir Khan Muttaqi, the Foreign Minister of the Taliban, as stated in a letter.

Reports indicated that the Turkish government is in the process of handing over the Afghan consulate in Istanbul to the Taliban.

According to reports, the Taliban have designated Golmohammad Zedran as their representative to the consulate.

It is noteworthy that Iran is also surrendering the Afghan embassy in Tehran to the Taliban

Hasht-e Subh‘s sources reported that the Turkish government is expected to hand over the embassy to the Taliban on Sunday.

Sources have stated that the Iranian Foreign Ministry has prevented Afghan embassy personnel who refuse to work with the Taliban from accessing the Afghan embassy in Tehran.

After reports of the Afghan embassy being handed over to the Taliban in Tehran, a spokesperson for the Iranian Foreign Ministry stated that the legal status of the embassy remains unchanged and that this is a routine internal rearrangement.