Taliban Forces Media Outlets in Ghazni to Adjust Their Broadcasts in Favor of the Group

Sources in Ghazni province say that the Taliban’s intelligence department has ordered all local media to produce programs in support of the Taliban.

The intelligence department of the Taliban administration in Ghazni province on Thursday (July 7th) summoned all directors of local media outlets, ordering them to produce special programs during the Eid days only for the purpose of promoting the Taliban.

According to the source, the intelligence of the Taliban has emphasized that the Eid message of their leader should be broadcast several times during the day, and above all, Taliban affiliates should be asked to speak in the media.

The Taliban have also ordered the media to talk to the former prisoners affiliated with this group who were imprisoned in Guantanamo and Pol-e Charkhi prisons in the past Eids, and to conduct interviews with the people in this regard.

The source emphasized that local media have been ordered to share the links of their programs with intelligence department after broadcasting.

Recently, the Taliban in Badakhshan have also banned the media from playing music and publishing crude jokes during the days of Eid al-Adha.