Taliban Impose Ban on Wedding Music: Afghan Weddings Stripped of Joyful Melodies

The Taliban have once again instructed wedding hall owners in Kabul city to refrain from playing music at wedding ceremonies.

The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, in a joint statement with the Ministry of Justice, announced on Sunday, June 11, that they have decided to prohibit the playing of music at wedding gatherings.

The statement from the ministries reads, “During a meeting to discuss wedding halls, officials from the Ministry of Justice requested hotel owners to abstain from playing music and engaging in activities that contradict Islamic values.”

The Taliban have warned wedding halls that they will take strict action against those who violate this directive.

Since regaining control of the country, the Taliban have imposed strict laws on the citizens.

Previously, the Taliban, particularly the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, had repeatedly requested wedding hall owners not to allow music to be played at wedding ceremonies.

However, there are claims that some event organizers in Kabul’s wedding halls bribe Taliban security officials to obtain permission for music to be played at their gatherings.

Since their takeover, in addition to depriving women and girls of education and employment opportunities, the Taliban have also banned their presence in recreational parks, restaurants, and traveling without a male companion. Additionally, they have made it mandatory for government employees to wear beards and hats.