Taliban Kill Prisoners in Ghor’s Sarjangal District After Mutilation and Torture

Sources in Lal wa Sarjangal district of Ghor province say that the Taliban have mutilated and killed the captives while their hands were tied.

Pictures of the victims, made available to Hasht-e Subh on Thursday (June 30th), show that Taliban militants mutilated the captives before shooting them dead.

The Taliban raided the house of Mohammad Moradi, the former commander of the public uprising forces, in Ghor province, killing him and seven members of his family, including women.

It is believed that after that, the Taliban kidnapped several people on the charge of cooperating with this commander and extrajudicially killed them while their hands tied.

Local sources in the district say the incident is shocking. The Taliban have not yet said anything about these atrocities.