Taliban Launches Air and Ground Strikes on Arezo Valley in Panjshir

It is reported that the Taliban fighters have escalated their attacks on the Arezo valley in Panjshir province.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh on Sunday that the Taliban rebels have attacked this valley both from the ground and the air.

According to them, Taliban helicopters are also patrolling the area and the fighters are providing air support.

In case the clash escalates in this valley, the first victims of this incident will be Taliban prisoners who were captured by the forces of the Resistance Front in the past few days as a result of the collapse of the Taliban’s helicopter, according to sources.

Prior to this, the Resistance Front said its forces had shot down this Taliban helicopter in the Arezo valley of Panjshir and captured its occupants.

Meanwhile, the Resistance Front published a newsletter yesterday calling for the exchange of prisoners, but the Taliban have not responded yet.