Taliban Municipality in Zabul Sets Prices Higher Than Market Rates

According to local sources in Zabul province, prices in the rate schedule distributed by the municipality to markets in the city of Qalat, the center of the province, have been set higher than the normal market rates.

Local sources on Monday, May 1, stated that prices in the Zabul Taliban Municipality rate schedule for goods and services are set 30 to 80 Afghanis higher than the market rates.

According to sources, while a bread roll costs 12 Afghanis in Zabul bakeries, the municipality has set the price for each bread roll at 15 Afghanis in their rate schedule.

Differences of 30 to 80 Afghanis are also seen in the rates for food items such as meat, flour, and oil, compared to the prices available in the market.

It is not yet clear why the Taliban has taken this action in Zabul.

The Taliban in Zabul have not yet commented on this matter.

This is happening while employees affiliated with the Taliban municipality in Kabul have exerted strict control over prices.