Taliban Puts Brakes on Education: Halts Projects in Kandahar and Helmand

According to local sources, the Taliban’s Ministry of Education has issued a written order to their Educational Directorates in Kandahar and Helmand provinces to halt educational projects in these two regions.

Sources provided a copy of the Taliban Ministry of Education’s letter, dated Sunday, April 16, to Hasht-e Subh.

Sources also indicate that these educational projects include local schools and other mixed-use projects in conjunction with the Ministry of Education in these provinces.

The letter states that the activities of educational institutions should be suspended until a designated committee investigates all educational projects and resolves any outstanding issues.

Furthermore, the letter warns that the activities of these educational projects should remain suspended until further notice.

This is happening at a time when the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan has prevented girls from attending school for nearly two years beyond the sixth grade.