Taliban Raids, Tortures and Harasses the Residents of Paryan in Panjshir

Sources in Paryan district, Panjshir have reported that the Taliban fighters raided a number of villages in this district at midnight.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh that nearly 500 Taliban fighters from different parts of Paryan had gathered in this district. According to sources, the Taliban fighters have detained and tortured more than 20 residents of the Kereptab area in the district, including elders, farmers, shepherds, and children, and taken them all to their bases for further investigation and possible torture.

As reported, the Taliban rebels have shot dead the dogs and livestock and have burnt down houses into ash.

In another report, the Taliban rebels had earlier harassed and tortured several residents of Paryan district.

In the most recent case, the rebels have shot dead two teenage brothers in the village of Shal Kacha in the district and have tortured their family members.