Taliban Rebels Brutally Kill a Former NDS Member

A former member of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) has died after being detained and severely tortured by the Taliban in a prison.

According to sources, the victim’s name was Khan Mohammad and he was a resident of Surobi district of Kabul.

About a week ago, he was arrested near his home in Kabul and taken to the prison of the Taliban Intelligence Directorate.

Mohammad’s body was handed over to his family members at 9:00 pm on Wednesday night this week.

The victim’s friends confirm that he died of deep wounds just two hours after being released.

So far, the motive behind his detention is not yet reported and the Taliban have not commented on the case either.

Previously, many cases of arrest, torture and even killing of former military personnel by the Taliban have been reported.

Meanwhile, the Taliban group has always stated that they are committed to adhering to the general amnesty but in action, they obviously violate this announcement.