Taliban Renew Commitment to Qisas Punishment: Retribution to Take Center Stage?

The Taliban have renewed their commitment to implementing Qisas (retribution) in Afghanistan, according to a statement by the group’s Supreme Court.

Abdul Malik Haqqani, the administrative deputy of the Taliban’s Supreme Court, ordered the group’s courts to carefully review Qisas cases in a 45-second video posted on the court’s Twitter account on Thursday, May 4.

Haqqani emphasized that Qisas is a religiously-sanctioned punishment and is also referenced in the Quran.

The administrative deputy of the Taliban’s Supreme Court has requested that after a thorough review, the Qisas cases should be sent to the Supreme Court for approval and verification.

The Taliban has previously implemented Qisas in several provinces.

The Qisas punishment was carried out for the first time since the Taliban’s takeover of the country in December last year on a criminal in the Farah province.

Although the execution of this punishment was not widely covered by the media, reports suggest that Taliban leaders were present during its implementation at a stadium in Farah province.

It should be noted that the Taliban’s implementation of Qisas in the Farah province was met with significant domestic and international backlash.