Taliban Resumes House-to-House Search Operations in Kabul, 150 Panjshiri Residents Arrested

Sources report that the Taliban group launched house-to-house search operations in the north area of Kabul.

Sources said on Sunday that the Taliban fighters have started the operations from the Khair Khana area and they have completed the search operations in the Panjsad Family area.

According to sources, the intention behind this move is to arrest Panjshiri youths living in Kabul, adding that more than 150 Panjshiri residents were arrested by the Taliban fighters from the Khair Khana area on Saturday, June 18.

Although the Taliban have always said that the purpose of house-to-house searches is to collect weapons from irresponsible individuals, sources say this Taliban’s move is, however, for detaining Panjshiri youths.

Taliban have not commented on the matter yet.