Taliban Threatens Education Ministry Employees: Abide by Islamic Law or Face Expulsion

According to credible sources within the Taliban’s Ministry of Education, the ministry has warned its employees that if their conduct and appearance are not in accordance with Islamic law and they do not perform their prayers in congregation, they will be dismissed and face the consequences of their actions.

A credible source told Hasht-e Subh on Saturday, April 15, that the Directorate of Invitation and Guidance of the Ministry of Education of the Taliban has issued this warning to its employees in writing.

The source added, “So far, the directorate has tested the religious knowledge of the employees of the Ministry of Education twice and has threatened them with dismissal from their duties and legal action.”

Sources emphasize that the Taliban’s goal of conduct and appearance is to “wear a hat and grow a beard.”

In addition, in a written statement signed by Syed Mahmoud Hashemi, the head of publications and public relations of the Ministry of Education of the Taliban, it has been stated that employees who have not participated in the religious exam of this ministry should be marked with a red pen.

Several “offenders” have been named in this document and are at risk of being expelled.

This comes as the Taliban’s emergence in Afghanistan has imposed many restrictions on the social lives of the country’s citizens.

Based on information, the Taliban considers wearing a beard and a hat necessary for government employees and has also begun religious lessons for government employees.