Taliban’s Brutality Continues: Innocent Civilian Killed and Another Injured in Badakhshan Province

Local sources in the Badakhshan province report that the Taliban killed one civilian and injured another in an incident that took place on Friday, 14 April, in the village of Duaabi Tagab in Kishm district.

Sources state that the Taliban prevented the construction of a villager’s house, and one of their commanders named Ansari demanded that his neighbor in the village to stop laying the foundation of his house. However, the neighbor did not comply with the warning and continued the construction.

Afterwards, the Taliban commander opened fire on the neighbor, resulting in the death of one person and injuring another.

Family members of the victim brought his body to the Kishm district gate today and demanded that the Taliban hand over the killer to the court.

So far, the Taliban have not complied with the request of the affected family and the people.

Sources report that angry protesters have broken the windows of the Kishm district building in protest and have not yet buried the victim’s body.

It is noteworthy that a few months ago, the Taliban had also closed two other residents of this district.