Taliban’s Deadly Aim: Young Man Gunned Down in Ghazni Province

Local sources in Ghazni have reported that Taliban fighters fatally shot a young man in the heart of the province.

Sources informed Hasht-e Subh on Sunday, September 17th, that this tragic incident occurred yesterday at Ghayb-Qalandar square, located within the fifth security district of Ghazni city.

According to these sources, the Taliban singled out a 23-year-old man who was riding a motorcycle, disregarding a security checkpoint on the road.

The deliberate targeting of civilians by Taliban fighters in the country is far from being a new occurrence.

This incident marks the latest in a string of such events, with at least three individuals losing their lives in similar incidents orchestrated by the Taliban in Ghazni over the past year alone.

During this period, reports indicate that a young man in the Band-e Sultan region, a street vendor in Bazazi square, and an employee of the Taliban’s Agriculture and Irrigation Department in Ghazni were all fatally shot by members of this group in the province.