Taliban’s Deadly Landmine Blast in Ghazni Claims Lives: Nomad Man Killed, Child Injured

Local sources in Ghazni report that an explosion caused by a landmine planted by the Taliban in the province has claimed the life of a nomad man and injured a child.

The incident occurred unexpectedly on Wednesday, May 17, in the Lewanai Bazaar of the Qara-Bagh district in Ghazni.

The event took place when a caravan of nomads collided with a planted landmine as they were passing through the area.

According to sources, the Taliban fighters planted this mine with the aim of targeting former government security forces.

Based on information from sources, Lewanai Bazaar in the Qara-Bagh district of Ghazni has witnessed bloody battles between the Taliban and the forces of the previous government.

It is said that the Taliban had turned Lewanai Bazaar and its surroundings into a minefield with the intention of targeting the security forces of the previous government.

Apparently, the planting of landmines in Lewanai Bazaar has now become a major challenge for civilians.

This comes as just recently, residents of Shahbaz Bazaar on the Kabul-Kandahar highway in the vicinity of Ghazni province discovered two improvised explosive devices planted by the Taliban.