Teenager Commits Suicide, Another Teenager Killed in Badghis

In a tragic series of events, a teenager has taken his own life, while another teenager has fallen victim to homicide, as reported by local sources in Badghis Province.

According to reports, an 18-year-old youth, on Wednesday, June 21, during lunchtime in the Qadis district of the province, tragically ended his life with a gunshot wound.

While the exact cause of this incident has yet to be determined, sources suggest that the individual resorted to suicide due to familial difficulties.

In the meantime, sources informed the Hasht-e Subh newspaper that on Tuesday night, June 20, in the Dar-e-Bum district of Badghis Province, a teenager was killed by stone blows.

As of now, the motive and cause behind this act of murder remain unknown.

The Taliban has refrained from issuing any statements regarding these events.

It is worth highlighting that over the past six days, a man was murdered in the city of Qala-e Naw, the capital of Badghis, while the lifeless body of a young person was discovered in the Gormach district of the province.