The Afghan Health System is about to collapse

8am, Kabul: The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that Afghanistan’s Public Health is about to collapse and urgent measures must be taken to stop an imminent human disaster in Afghanistan.

On Wednesday, September 22, Tedros Adhanom, the Director-General of the WHO said in an statement that in his trip to Kabul, he has found out that Afghanistan’s Public Health is about to collapse.

According to him, the country’s needs to humanitarian assistance must be addressed promptly.

“We continue our mission according to unbiased principles and the United Nations’ independence in an efficient colloquy to tackle with disputes and to rescue millions of war victims in Afghanistan”, said Tedros.

According to the WHO, thousands of health centers have been faced a lack of budget due to the reduction of financial supports of donors which were the biggest health projects in Afghanistan.

Currently, medical equipment is needed, and the employees have not been paid yet.

As reported by Tedros, many health centers have suspended operations. In the meantime, only 17 percent of health centers are active.

Tedros believes that closing of health centers will impact on primary health care, eradication of infantile paralysis and Corona Virus.

Meanwhile, the WHO said that an inclusive supportive program which includes training, supplying equipment for 130 health centers and 67 blood banks is a part of its programs in Afghanistan.

These warnings about the collapse of Afghanistan’s health system are being proposed that Tedros Adhanom, the Director of the WHO on Monday, September 20, had visited Kabul to investigate the Public Health condition.