The Disoriented Political Elite

By: Asoo

When looking at the politicians of Afghanistan who have been part of the power and wealth structure for the past two decades, there are some facts that make it easier to identify them and assess Afghanistan’s political future. It is essential to recognize that the Taliban are a destructive force, and it is essential to fight them. Afghanistan must pass them by and create a legitimate, comprehensive, and democratic government both internally and externally. The Afghan political elite should understand this goal, as some are uncertain about it. This goal is the foundation of all the political and military struggles of the Afghan people.

The political leaders of Afghanistan have not yet understood the goal, so they do not have a realistic view of the past or a fact-based prediction of the future. This has led to a plan that they think will lead to victory. However, from Turkey to Tajikistan, Iran, and Pakistan, they have not been able to come up with a single idea. Without a clear plan, it will be impossible to overcome the Taliban crisis in the country. A strategy is needed to show what Afghanistan needs after the Taliban and how to achieve it. This strategy must be created in a way that the people believe in it before it can be put into action.

Afghanistan’s political elites remain vulnerable and confused due to their lack of learning from the past and their inability to come to a consensus on how to oppose the Taliban. Negotiation and diplomacy are essential for success in politics, yet Afghan politicians have failed to understand this, leading to the worsening of the existing crises and the prolonging of the Taliban’s rule. It has been two years since the fall of Afghanistan, yet the politicians have achieved little in that time.
The political elite of Afghanistan have not put forward a strong proposal to oppose the Taliban, so the international community has been inactive. To make progress, all the different ideas must be brought together to form one unified plan, so that the many Afghans who are willing to fight the Taliban can join forces. There are people who are passionate about gaining freedom for their country, but they are not being heard and cannot communicate with the political elite. The political elite, intellectuals, political activists, and those with the necessary skills must come together to defeat the Taliban. It may be difficult, but it is possible to achieve the dream of freedom. To do this, we must learn from the past, manage the present, and plan for the future.

Despite their long-standing presence in Afghan politics, the ethnic leaders and politicians remain influential and there is no alternative to them in the current situation. They have a great influence on the public and can use past and present events to create a plan for the future. After two years of silence and confusion, it is time to end the Taliban’s refusal to negotiate and to stand up for Afghanistan, freedom, and a comprehensive strategy to fight the Taliban. It is the responsibility of Afghanistan’s political elite to ensure that the stalemate with the Taliban is broken and that a legal, inclusive government based on international laws is established, rather than one based on suicide bombers and political mullahs.