The International Community Is Reluctant to Recognize the Taliban: Imran Khan

8am, Kabul: In a video message to the 76th UN General Assembly, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that most Western countries are reluctant to recognize the Taliban government as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan. In the meantime, he called on the world to support the Taliban government in preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorists.

Pakistani Prime Minister, Imran Khan, told the UN General Assembly on Friday (September 24th) that countries’ reluctance to recognize the Taliban government was due to fears of human rights abuses in the Taliban government. These include violations of women’s rights, exclusion of other ethnic groups in government, repression of religious minorities and women, and concerns about the resurgence of terrorist groups in Afghanistan that could threaten other countries.

However, he stressed that the Taliban are committed to addressing these concerns, forming an inclusive government, respecting human rights, and preventing terrorist groups from operating in Afghanistan. Khan says that the world should support the group’s government.

“There is only one way left,” Khan has said in the video message at the 76th UN General Assembly. “We must strengthen and consolidate the current government for the sake of the Afghan people.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has warned that choosing the opposite path will create more instability in the “war-torn” country, turning it into a safe haven for terrorists.

He stressed that the resumption of development aid to the Taliban government is effective in preventing an imminent humanitarian crisis.

However, the Pakistani Prime Minister called on the international community to encourage the Taliban; Because, according to him, by doing so, the situation will be in everyone’s interest.

The remarks were made by the Pakistani Prime Minister more than a month after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. No country has so far recognized the Taliban government as the legitimate ruler of the country.