The Pain I Carry

By: Ahmad Saboor Furmoli

For the past year and a half, the Taliban‘s oppressive rule has been extremely harsh, placing restrictions on all Afghan citizens, particularly women. These women are exhausted by the current situation and feel powerless under the Taliban‘s control, uncertain of what the future holds for them in the country. I have seen many women with little to no joy in their faces, many of whom have had to resort to begging due to the financial crisis.

For many years, Afghan women have endured suffering, especially since the Taliban took control in 2021. They are wondering how much longer they will have to suffer, and why this is only happening to them while women around the world are actively participating in social, political, and cultural activities. Is this due to their Islamic faith? They are asking why only Afghan Muslim women should be subjected to such cruelty and pain. Is there a difference between Afghan Islamic beliefs and those of other Muslims? They appear exhausted by it all, as if the suffering of women in Afghanistan will never end.

This writing conveys the suffering and anguish that Afghan women are currently enduring in Afghanistan. However, I do not think that anything will change as the international community does not take the Taliban‘s extremism seriously.