The Taliban Have Allegedly Arrested Two Brothers and a Brother-in-Law of a Civil Activist in Kandahar, Afghanistan

8 Subh, Kandahar: The Taliban have arrested two brothers and a brother-in-law of Fahima Rahmati, a civil activist and head of the Hila Charitable Foundation in Kandahar province, after searching her home.

According to Fahima Rahmati, the Taliban entered her house on Saturday night, September 11, and after beating her, arrested two brothers, a brother-in-law and some close friends.

“The Taliban entered the house and forcefully evicted all the women and children,” Rahmati added. “They beat me and took our mobile phones with them.”

She also said that dozens of Taliban fighters entered her house for the second time at night.

Meanwhile, Ms. Rahmati says her younger brother, who serves in the command of the police, told her that Milad, another brother had been shot dead.

According to Fahima Rahmati, the Taliban arrested her two brothers and a brother-in-law after she spoke directly in response to the Taliban’s attempt to search her house on Facebook.

However, the Kandahar provincial press office said that Fahima Rahmati’s house had been searched by irresponsible gunmen and that they were seeking to arrest the perpetrators.

In recent wars in Kandahar province, Fahima Rahmati was the only woman to distribute three meals a day to internally displaced people.