The Taliban’s Order to Women is Shameful, Ridiculous, and Un-Islamic

Sarajudin Joya

The Taliban‘s ban on girls higher education is unjustified, unIslamic, and deplorable. There are many reasons why they have only targeted women and girls in Afghanistan, but the most popular one is that they seek international recognition, which they can never achieve.

The Taliban are attempting to destroy Afghanistan, regress it to an age of ignorance, and leave the whole nation in absolute darkness, as they did in their previous term as rulers of the country. As of today, the Talibans orders sound as if they are trying to prove Islamic educational and social orders are wrong for people. The question is: do the Taliban ever have any idea what God ordered when David became a ruler? Absolutely not! Gods order was,David, I give you the power of a ruler.”So, bring justice among the people.” The Taliban should respond by explaining why they abuse religious orders and deprive women of access to basic rights and freedom. It is obvious that the Taliban would never reach their catastrophic goals by politicizing womens and girls rights to education and work.

The international community should not legitimize the Taliban‘s demand for women to be banned from education. Instead, it should support protesting Afghan women who struggle for their basic rights in the current catastrophic situation in Afghanistan.