A Man in Ghazni killed by Burglars

Local sources in Ghazni report that thieves in this province killed a man.

On Tuesday morning, sources from this province say that this man was stabbed to death in the Shirbez area of ​​Dehiak district of this province.

According to the sources, the thieves stole a motorcycle and cash from this man.

This man was a resident of Zarmat district of Paktia province and was traveling toward Ghazni city.

Sources emphasize that Ghazni-Paktia Highway No. 2 has become highly unsafe in recent days, and thieves have stolen cash and valuables from passengers on this route in several cases at night.

Recently, several cars have been stolen from Ghazni city.

The residents of Ghazni accuse the Taliban of negligence in providing security to the people.