Top UN Woman Urges Nations to Help Taliban Move to the 21st Century

The top UN woman, Amina Mohammed, said that the Taliban needs to be moved from the ’13th century to the 21st’ following her visit to Taliban-occupied Afghanistan.

International media reported on Thursday that Mrs. Mohammad made these statements at a news conference on Wednesday.

She said she used every possible asset during her meetings with Taliban ministers to try to reverse their crackdown on Afghan women and girls, urging Muslim countries to help the Taliban move from the “13th century to the 21st,” according to international media outlets.

UN Deputy Secretary-General said that four Taliban ministers, including the foreign minister and a deputy prime minister, spoke “off one script” during meetings with her delegation last week.

The highest-ranking woman at the United Nations also said that the residents of the 20 provinces in Afghanistan have a desire to progress and it is very important for the United Nations and its partners to work more.

“We reminded them that in humanitarian principles, non-discrimination was a key part … and that they were wiping out women from the workplace,” she said.

She emphasized that every lever should be used to make the Taliban comply with the principles of the international community.