Traffic Accidents in Kapisa, Herat, and Badghis Result in One Fatality and 16 Injuries

Local sources have reported three traffic accidents in the provinces of Kapisa, Herat, and Badghis, resulting in at least one fatality and 16 injuries.

Sources in Kapisa province indicate that a Toyota Corolla vehicle overturned in the “Sang-Borida” area around 8:00 PM on Monday night, September 18. This incident involved ten members of a family who were traveling from Nangarhar province to Tagab district in Kapisa province. All ten family members sustained injuries.

In Herat province, local sources also state that on Thursday, September 14, a Ranger vehicle, belonging to Taliban fighters in the Engil district, collided with a motorcycle, causing the vehicle to overturn. This accident resulted in injuries to four Taliban fighters, including the motorcycle rider.

Meanwhile, in Badghis province, local reports confirm that on Saturday morning, September 7, a Saracha-type car veered off the road and overturned in the Qades district. Tragically, one person lost their life, and another individual sustained injuries as a result of this accident.

These incidents occur against the backdrop of a recent surge in traffic-related events in the country, primarily attributed to driver negligence and poor road conditions.