Traffic Accidents Leave 12 Dead and 30 Injured in 9 Provinces in the Past Week

At least 14 traffic accidents occurred in several provinces of Afghanistan last week, resulting in the death of 12 people.

According to statistics collected from Saturday to Thursday, 10 incidents took place in the provinces of Daikundi, Bamiyan, Herat, Ghor, Faryab, Jawzjan, Sar-e Pul, Samangan, and Ghazni.

As a result of the overturning of a car in the village of Ghasoor in Shahrestan District of Daikundi on Tuesday, seven people, including a woman and three children, were injured and one person was killed. Additionally, in another incident in the district of Waras in Bamiyan over the past weekend, at least three people were killed, and four others were injured.

The victims of the traffic accident in Daikundi were members of a family from the Olqa village in the Shahrestan district.

In total, eight traffic accidents occurred in Faryab, Jawzjan, Sar-e Pul, and Samangan provinces during the week, resulting in the death of at least four people and injuring nine others.

Moreover, as a result of two traffic accidents on Saturday and Tuesday last week at the Kotal-e Rawza, one motorcycle driver was killed and five others were injured in the center of Ghazni province.

Sources in Herat and Ghor also said that on Thursday, 10 people were killed and one person was injured as a result of a collision between two motorcycles at Delaram area of the Herat-Kandahar Highway. Another traffic incident on Monday in the Shahrak district of Ghor resulted in three injuries.

Local sources cite reckless driving and road conditions as the causes of these traffic accidents.

Traffic accidents claim the lives of dozens of people in the country every year.