Tragic Choice: Afghan Girl Chooses Death over Forced Marriage in Badghis Province

Local sources in Badghis province have reported the tragic suicide of a young girl.

The incident occurred on Thursday, June 8, in the Qebchaq area of Abkamari district.

The 17-year-old girl took her own life by hanging herself after her family insisted on marrying her against her will.

The Taliban have confirmed this event in Badghis.

Approximately three months ago, another young girl in the same district committed suicide due to domestic violence.

Since the Taliban returned to power in the country, suicide rates have reached unprecedented levels.

According to the findings of Hasht-e Subh, in the past month alone, at least 25 individuals, including 13 women, have taken their own lives. Over the past 14 months, this number has reached 120 individuals.