Tragic Consequence of Poverty: Man Commits Suicide in Kabul

Local sources in Kabul have reported that a man in the city hanged himself due to economic hardships. The incident took place on Monday night, May 22, in the Qal-e Heshmat Khan area of Kabul.

According to sources, Zmar, after being denied a loan for his family’s sustenance when he went to the market, decided to end his life that same night.

Footage received by Hahst-e Subh of the funeral procession shows his family mourning and crying out in anguish over his body.

With the resurgence of the Taliban, poverty and unemployment in the country have reached unprecedented levels, negatively affecting the mental well-being of the people and contributing to the rise in suicide rates.

Poverty, family problems, and mental illnesses are among the major causes attributed to the increase in suicides in the country.

During the past week, at least two women in Farah and a 15-year-old boy in Badakhshan have taken their own lives. Additionally, yesterday (Monday, May 22), the body of an elderly man who had hanged himself was discovered by the people in Takhar.