Tragic Discovery: Lifeless Body of Hanging Child Uncovered in Ghazni Province

Local sources in Ghazni province have reported the discovery of a lifeless body of a child hanging, which has been transferred to the provincial hospital.

According to sources at the Ghazni provincial hospital, the body of a 13-year-old child was found hanging in Qal-e Tahwildar, located in the second security district of Ghazni city. The body was delivered to the hospital on Thursday morning, June 15.

Preliminary examinations conducted by doctors at the hospital suggest that the child died by suicide.

As of now, the cause and motive behind this incident remain unclear.

No statements have been issued by the Taliban regarding this matter.

It is worth mentioning that the increasing number of suicide incidents in the country has raised concerns.

In addition, yesterday, three young individuals in the Malistan and Andar districts of this province also committed suicide.