Tragic Fate: 12-Year-Old Child Hanged by Unknown Individuals in Farayab

Local sources in Farayab report that unknown individuals have hanged a 12-year-old child in this province.

The event took place on Monday, in the village of Bish-Bala, a part of the Qaisar district of Farayab province.

According to sources, the unknown individuals hanged the child outside his home.

Although the exact motive for this event is unknown, sources suggest that he may have been killed due to family disputes.

Local Taliban officials have denied the claim that the child was killed.

The spokesman for the Taliban’s security command in Farayab province said that the child committed suicide for unknown reasons.

It is worth mentioning that in recent months, criminal incidents have increased in various parts of Afghanistan.

In the latest case, on Friday, unknown individuals killed a child in Kapisa province and set his dead body on fire.